Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign / Boy with Puppy

I wonder if this boy feels like a foreigner in his own land when he dresses up in native garb for a public full of tourists…


61 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign / Boy with Puppy

  1. and again you hit it…

    the mixed emotions triggered by the picture and its caption but more importantly the subtle lesson on compassion…

    Thank you.

  2. This is a nice photo to look at on a Sunday morning. It makes me go ‘ahhh’. I love the distant expression in the boy’s eyes – he seems to be lost in thought. It feels like a very private moment.

  3. This is so sweet, the BW is perfect. Thanks for stopping by so I could see your work.

    For some reason your images are squished when i scroll through from the your home, page and look fine after clicking on an image.
    y browser is old so likely an error on my end.

    • Hi Ellen. Thank you for visiting and commenting, as well. I went on different browsers and was not able to replicate the squishiness. Hope it won’t keep you from coming by from time to time. πŸ™‚

  4. I like your photo. Both the boy and the puppy seem to enjoy each others company. There is an innocent, yet sensual quality in their relationship.

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your photos are really good, and you have a nice blog. Thanks for sharing your unique gift.

  6. I really love this shot, and can well understand why this ‘street’ photography is your passion….You have captured such a powerful sense of the emotion felt by the young boy . It is a very thought – provoking image, I am struck by how the puppy seems to sense and therefore share the boy’s feelings of isolation and longing – his doleful face complements the boy’s perfectly. It is often said that certain animals are very perceptive to human emotions, and this image certainly conveys that. I wonder if anyone else has had the same reaction as me ? – I want to visualise the same boy, in a pair of scruffy shorts & T-shirt, playing ball or throwing sticks to that same puppy, having fun in a World full of Colour…. !!!
    Thanks for making me ‘think’ Richert, and making me want to write……

    • Thank you! I appreciate your visiting and commenting. I, like you, wonder about this child and what he does when he’s not ‘working’. I bet he’s playing fetch with his pup right now. πŸ™‚

      Please come back and visit as often as you like.

      • Brilliant photo – I too had a similar reaction although it made me think more of the bond between them, that just having and holding each other made things bearable (think Charles Schulz’ Linus and his blanket!) – love goes a long way to make things easier…

  7. This photo is touching as well as the thought of this post. It makes me look back on the people I already saw before wearing their native clothes for display and wonder… What were they thinking right then and there? Do they feel out of place etc.

    • The older people probably understand, and appreciate, it as a way to make an honest living. I would imagine it might feel a little foreign to the children as they start off. Then again, perhaps they start off so early that its not really a foreign thing for them.

      Thank you for taking the time and sharing your thoughts. Your questions made me think more about my picture.