Weekly Photo Challenge: Big / American Airlines Arena

The American Airlines Arena certainly fits the bill as a BIG events center.  It is the home of the 2006 and 2012 NBA Champs, The Miami Heat, and sits 19,600 spectators.  In addition to being a sports venue, its also used for entertainment, family shows and other private events.  Visit  http://www.aaarena.com/ for more information.

16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big / American Airlines Arena

  1. Thank you for the like of my post “Mum Bunch”. Well, the American Airlines Arena is quite nice. Of course not to be out done by it or the current Rose Garden in Portland, the house that Jordan built, The United Center, seats 20,500.

  2. Not to brag or anything, but the Rose Garden here in Portland, Oregon currently seats 19,980 ; before some remodeling in the late 90’s, it could seat just over 22,500.

    Oh, look! Mine’s bigger than yours… and I’m a girl! Lol!!

    Just kidding… nice pics, by the way. 🙂

    • I’m crushed. You made me look up the Rose Garden and you’re right. Yours is bigger. 🙂 Seriously, thanks for stopping by and checking out my pics.