Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Mother and daughter deciding what to buy while the shopkeeper looks on in La Paz, Bolivia. More often than not, these little stands are run by Cholos, the native Amerindian people of Bolivia. They’re pretty convenient as they usually sell items like soap, toothpaste, cigarettes, gum, etc, and save the shopper a trip to the supermarket.


16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

  1. Hahaha, within proportions, obviously. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you liked the post. πŸ™‚

  2. Seeing your photo and caption reminded my why I love the Weekly Photo Challenge. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to view photos from all over the world and learn a little about the culture. Great shot!

    • I feel the same exact way. Very often, I vicariously travel and learn through a lot of the blogs I follow. This is not only a wonderful medium but the weekly challenges are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Cheers!! πŸ™‚

    • I have always wondered what exactly they were looking at. Did they end up getting anything? Did the young girl get what she wanted? Did the ‘chola’ make her sale? Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the picture. πŸ™‚