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Finding Dignity in Unexpected Places

I felt something very special when I took this gentleman’s picture. Even though he was dirty and sitting on the sidewalk, he straightened up and combed his hair with his hand when I asked for his permission to take his picture. He even smiled at me. It was obvious to me that he had not let his situation in life take away his dignity.

Even though the world passes him by on a daily basis, much like the car speeding by, he reminded me that all members of the human race possess dignity and deserve respect.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Mother and daughter deciding what to buy while the shopkeeper looks on in La Paz, Bolivia. More often than not, these little stands are run by Cholos, the native Amerindian people of Bolivia. They’re pretty convenient as they usually sell items like soap, toothpaste, cigarettes, gum, etc, and save the shopper a trip to the supermarket.

Il Nonno, or the Grandfather.

Generations Walking Hand in Hand.

He’s in the later years of his life and she is just starting hers.  He lives in Michigan and she lives in Florida.  He enjoys the solitude and silence found in nature while she loves running around and stealing the crowd’s attention.

No matter how different they are, they share a link which survives time and distance: love between grandfather and grandchild.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

The lighthouse stands firm against the weather.

On a recent trip to The Philippines, I asked a friend (Kudos to you, Leon) for a nice place to take pictures in Dumaguete.  He recommended Tierra Alta.  It was an incredible find.  The place is a residential complex up on a mountainside about 30 minutes or so from the Dumaguete Promenade.

 Tierra Alta is Spanish for “highland” and, as you can see from the picture above, it was aptly named.

So close, all you have to do is reach out and grab a cloud…

Hope to go back for the night view,  I have heard that it’s incredibly beautiful at sunset.